BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. — For Savannah Shropshire, Tuesday brought the kind of news she'd never be ready to hear.

"It was yesterday probably around 3 or 4 [p.m.]," she said. "My mom was trying to get to us before social media but sadly social media got to us first."

After one year and seven months, Blount County deputies found the remains of her big sister Cheyenne Shropshire.

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"It just broke my heart," Savannah said.

With the pain of that new information came more questions.

"We're definitely still shocked but we need some answers," she said. 

The circumstances of her death are under investigation but in the meantime her family wants people to know she was a big sister.

"We were so close she took care of me since I was a little kid," Savannah said.


She also knew how to protect her own.

"If anyone was bullying me, she would be right there," she said. "She was young, intelligent and beautiful." 

Savannah said she also had plenty of ambitions and dreams.

"She actually wanted to be a medical examiner," she said. 

While life brought lots of family and love, it would also bring some difficulty too.

"She had a disease, substance abuse and drug addiction, and I think there needs to be more light on the subject," Savannah said. "They push it off a lot and I just really, really wish we would give more awareness to it."

While life for Cheyenne wasn't perfect her little sister said she had so much more left to give.


"She had more life to live and she would have gotten on the right track eventually if people would have given her a chance," she said.

After almost two years of searching, her family just wants a little peace and a chance to heal the loss of a sister, a daughter and a mom.

"I just hope anyone that has info about her to call and just not be a bystander because her family is still hurting we don't have complete closure yet," Savannah said.