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Local Knox County mom helps fill demand for elderberry syrup with family recipe

While her weekends are now filled with making more, she says weekdays are still saved for family time.

DANDRIDGE, Tenn. — To fight the flu and colds this season, many are turning to an old trick of taking elderberry syrup. 

Users say the natural remedy can help lessen symptoms when you feel something coming on and now a Knox County mom is now trying to fill the demand.  

The Misty Morning Farm Stand in Dandridge is known by locals to go for all things homemade. Recently the owner says a lot of requests have come in for elderberry syrup.

Tuesday was the first day Misty Morning Farm could offer it after teaming up with Cortney Black with another local farm, Highway Homestead, and it flew off the shelves. 

Black has been making elderberry syrup for her family for years.

"It's a natural supplement to keep us healthy during the year," she said.

Getting the product on the shelves to sell has taken months. 

"There is a plethora of hoops to jump through," said Black who is now just one of two producers in the surrounding area legally allowed to sell the syrup. 

18 bottles lined the shelves Tuesday morning and by the end of the day all had sold out. 

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"This helps you fight that virus off hopefully within 24 hours or less," said Black who is a strong believer in the syrup. She says the syrup in her house is a game-changer. 

"If the kids have a fever or virus, something like that, we give elderberry 3-4 times a day teaspoon at a time. Within 24-48 hours our fevers are down to a manageable point or completely gone," she said. 

A study from the National Institutes of Health found that elderberry syrup helped relieve symptoms, but needed to confirm the findings in a larger study. 

Some of Black's ingredients are fresh from her farm, Highway Homestead. 

While her weekends are now filled with making more, she says weekdays are still saved for family time. 

Doctors say your best protection from the flu is still the flu shot. 

You should contact your doctor to make sure it's safe before trying any elderberry products.

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