KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Beth Waldmann holds one of her kids while she takes a look over a large, family-sized calendar of activities on the wall at her home in Lenoir City.

"We've got a ton of activities, and I've started to look ahead to February," Waldmann said.

It's Jan. 20, and the holidays are long over.

"We have swim lessons already, and Kindermusik class," Waldmann said, as she read a few handwritten notes.

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Her family is staying active.

"The calendar fills up fast, even though it's cold and it's winter outside," Waldmann said.

She said that's the main way to avoid the holiday blues.

Waldmann is a contributor for "Knoxville Moms".

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A fellow contributor wrote an article about avoiding the family restlessness that can follow a busy holiday season.

"In January, you can kind of take a breath and look at the year ahead," Waldmann said.

The article details 10 ways to avoid it -- including setting goals.

"Winter can be a time to kind of rethink things," Waldmann said. "We make our resolutions. But as a family, it's a nice time to press the reset button."

Waldmann said you can also be creative.

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"Whether it's arts and crafts projects, we love to do those," Waldmann said.

And going outside will help with restlessness as well.

"Sometimes it's nice just to go outside, even when it's cold out," Waldmann said. I find that fresh air does wonders for my mood, and lo and behold, it does wonders for my children too."

If you're interested in more tips, head to the Knoxville Moms website.