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How cold does it have to be to cancel school?

There's no specific temperature, but the wind chill and safety play a big role when schools decide to close.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Tenn. — The freezing temperatures chilled kids at the bus stop across East Tennessee on Tuesday morning. In our region, how cold would it have to be to call off school?

One bus driver in Jefferson County posted to Facebook Monday night letting parents know the kids on her route could wait inside their houses until she pulled up.

For Raissa Symington, who has to get her four daughters ready to hop on the bus every morning, she's glad for the peace of mind.

"I feel good that you know our driver is basically taking care of them, also making sure that they are warm and you know not getting cold," Symington said.

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But if it's too cold to wait outside at the bus stop, what does the Jefferson County Director of Schools Shane Johnston say about how cold it has to be to cancel school?

"There is no set temperature we have," Johnston said. "Obviously student safety and employee safety is a top priority in all things that we do."

It takes more than a below-freezing day.

"Anytime you get into single-digit temperatures, near-zero wind chill or below, we're thinking about a serious possibility of canceling class," Johnston explained.

While school is still in session and the temperatures are low, the Symington sisters have a little extra warmth to get them from the house to the bus stop.

Although there's not a set temperature for school to get canceled, it's important to bundle up your kids if the weather is going to be cooler.

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