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Knoxville brews up its own craft beer boom

From 2014 to 2018 the number of local breweries more than quadrupled in Marble City. Here's a list of breweries and when they opened.

Knoxville may lag behind it’s beer brewing rivals in Asheville and Nashville, but if there is anywhere in the southeast seeing a craft brew renaissance it is Marble City.

In 2014 there were just four craft brew sites in the Knoxville area.

In 2018 the same region boasts 15+ breweries!

10Brews: Find a brewery along the Knoxville Ale Trail

“We’re kind of playing catch-up,” said Marty Velas who started as a home brew devote and then turned pro, opening Fanatic in 2013. The brew master, who now teaches classes to budding local brewers, has witnessed the “big bang” of brew culture during the last four years.


“When you expose people to variety, quality, and freshness, they don’t go back to just baloney sandwiches and white bread. The South was late to the game, but they realized what was going on that it was a real phenomenon,” said Velas.

10Brews: Tracking the craft beer boom in the state of Tennessee

Here is a list 10News built from the craft brew spots. Of course, new locations are popping up like mushrooms! If you have additions or changes please let us know!

►1996 - Smoky Mountain Brewing (Gatlinburg)

►1996 - New Knoxville Brewing Company

►1996 - Great Southern Brewing Company

►2002 - Downtown Grill and Brewery (Woodruff Brewing)

►June 2010 – Saw Works Brewing Co.

►2011 – Blackberry Farm

►2011 – Geezers Brewing Co.

►April 2012 - Chilsholm Tavern

►July 2013 - Blackhorse Brewery (Clarksville 1992/1995)

►2013- Fanatic Brewing Co.

►Aug. 2015 - Cold Fusion Brewing Co.

►Aug. 2015 - Alliance Brewing Co.

►Oct. 2015 – Crafty Bastard Brewery

►2015 - Gypsy Circus (Kingsport)

►Feb. 2016 – Balter Beerworks

►Feb. 2016 - Last Days of Autumn

►June 2016 - Schulz Bräu Brewing Co.

►Feb. 2017 - Hexagon Brewing Co.

►Sept.2017 - Abridged Beer Co.

►Sept. 2017 – Clinch River Brewing (Norris)

►Nov. 2017 – Elkmont Exchange

►Jan. 2018 - Pretentious Beer Co.

►June 2018 – Printshop Beer Co.

►May 2019 - Gatlinburg Brewing Company

►July 2019 - Elst Brewing Co.

►Aug. 2019 - Albright Brewing Company

►Dec. 2019 - Next Level Brewing Company

►March 2020 - Orange Hat Brewing Company

►March 2020 - Brewhouse at Bearden Beer Market

►Oct. 2020 - Barrelhouse by Gypsy Circus (Knoxville)

►Oct. 2020 - Xül Beer Co.

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