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Viral social media post encourages people to continue donating to food banks

Officials at food banks wanted to remind donors that people are in need year-round, and that food banks can struggle after the holidays.

Food banks usually see a decrease in the number of donations after the holidays, and many officials wanted to remind the community that people need help all year.

A social media post is also going viral helping guide donors who want to help out as much as possible. Officials with food banks in East Tennessee said that they agreed with much of what the post said.

"At any moment, we could lose a job, or be hit with a pandemic or have to go to the hospital and have medical bills that we weren't expecting," said Rachael Ellis, the Director of Development for Second Harvest. "Think of folks who are at risk of hunger, the items that you would want is that they're going to want."

The post recommends donors donate milk and butter since they are basic components of many other foods like Kraft Mac & Cheese. It also recommended donating coffee and tea as treats for people who may be food insecure. Feminine hygiene products, cooking oil, spices, fresh meat and can openers are also usually in high demand.

The post also recommends people donate cash if they can't donate the requested items since it helps the food bank buy missing items.