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Knoxville BBQ restaurant to be featured on Food Paradise, a national TV show

Dead End BBQ's episode of Food Paradise will air at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, on The Cooking Channel.

As people finish up dinner and gather around their televisions, they will be able to watch Knoxville cuisine featured on a national network.

Dead End BBQ will show off its award-winning food during an episode of Food Paradise. It's a Knoxville restaurant that serves brisket, wings and pulled pork among other popular dishes inspired by neighborhood barbecues.

Officials with the restaurant said the idea to create Dead End BBQ came from these kinds of neighborhood barbecues. People gathered for more than a decade to hone their skills and later competed in professional competitions, earning national recognition.

The episode is set to air on Wednesday at 10 p.m., on The Cooking Channel. Officials said that it was originally filmed in March and is just now airing. The episode is called "Smokin."