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Eggs Benedict

<p>Poached egg with Hollandaise sauce on muffin, close-up</p>

Eggs Benedict

2 each English Muffins
8 oz Ham
4 each Eggs (poached)
8 oz Hollandaise Sauce

• Split muffins and toast lightly
• Heat ham in skillet and place 2 oz of ham on each muffin half
• Place a poached egg on ham
• Cover with 2 oz Hollandaise sauce

Yield: 2 qt

3 ea Egg Yolks
1 TBS Lemon Juice
½ tsp Tabasco Sauce
¼ cup Water
½ TBS Salt

1 ¼ lbs Clarified/melted Butter

• Add yolks, lemon juice, Tabasco, water and salt to a small mixing bowl and start mixing over a double boiler, whip and cook to a soft ribbon stage, remove from heat but keep warm (not too hot)
• Slowly drizzle hot clarified butter starting slow and getting faster after it is mixed well, alternate a little warm water as needed to keep from breaking, an oz or so at a time, until all butter is in sauce.
• Taste for seasoning

Presented by Chef Roman Campbell, Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant / Grill