Makes 4 appetizers portions

Green Onions Chopped Fine- 2T
Pimento or Roasted Red Pepper-1T
Cream Cheese-2oz
Cheddar Cheese Shredded-2oz
Smoked Bacon Chopped-2T
Baguette Bread sliced ¼" thick- 8 slices
Butter Melted- 4oz

Vegetable oil –Cold 40F -6oz
Roma Tomato Concasse- 2oz
Agur Agur- 1 table spoons
Yellow Tomato Concasse-2oz
Agur Agur- 1 table spoons
Micro Greens- 2OZV
Alfalfa sprouts-2OZV

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Combine Green Onions thru Bacon and reserve. Evenly spread cheese bacon mixture on baguette.
Simmer yellow tomato concasse's with water and red tomato concasse's with water, keep separate, add Agur Agur to both hot tomato mixtures and simmer for 5 minutes. Strain mixtures using a fine chinoise strainer. Drizzle tomato mixtures separately making large droplets into cold vegetable oil. Keep cold strain and reserve.
Sauté Slider in melted butter until golden brown.
To plate add sandwich and garnish with micro greens, tomato caviar and alfalfa Sprouts.