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"We Stick Together" | Harriman students build projects and donate food for local food bank

Students at Harriman Middle School built houses and donated food for their annual Canstruction service project, following a theme of "We Stick Together."

HARRIMAN, Tenn. — At Harriman Middle School, educators wanted to teach students that no matter the challenge, communities stick together.

"We Stick Together" was the theme of this year's Canstruction service project on Tuesday. Officials collected food to benefit a local food bank in Harriman, while students used food and household items for projects showcasing the theme.

One project showed a large jar of peanut butter made out of paper, surrounded by donated jars of peanut butter and cans of food. Underneath the project, students left a message on a piece of paper. "We stick together like peanut butter and bread," it said.

Winners were ranked for two portions of the Canstruction service project. Four people were ranked for the food drive portion of the project, and four people were ranked for the building portion of the project.

The rankings were posted on Harriman Middle School's page on Facebook.