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Bear cubs get white Christmas at Appalachian Bear Rescue

Officials said that the cubs at Appalachian Bear Rescue spent the day sleeping, foraging and wrestling.

People across East Tennessee woke up to chilly winds and snow blanketing the ground on Christmas. So did bears.

Cubs at Appalachian Bear Rescue got around 6 inches of snow, officials said. There are 11 cubs in total, and workers with the rescue said that they all spent the holidays sleeping, foraging and wrestling.

They said that cubs have thick, winter coats that have been growing in the last few months. The thick coats help them stay warm despite the chilly weather, dropping into the teens in some parts of East Tennessee.

Officials also said that since the cubs are being fed regularly at the rescue, they do not feel the instinctual need to den and hibernate. Instead of resting through the winter, they've been enjoying the weather instead!

Clover Bear, one of Appalachian Bear Rescue's animals, made friends with multiple stuffed cubs, according to officials. They said she is taking regular medications and will be monitored until January. She also received a Christmas treat of persimmons, grapes, an apple and honey.