A Blount County woman is working to spread a message of acceptance in the community with her new book, "A Friend of Sidney."

Missy Leigh Lynch has lived her entire life with a few challenges. When she was a kid, she had suffered a brain aneurysm. Now, she's working to spread a new message to younger kids and for other people who may deal with mental disabilities.

Lynch hopes with every copy sold, her message of acceptance spreads.

"Well, I hope that kids are really inspired by this book," Missy Leigh Lynch said. "I hope they really appreciate this."

The tale follows the story of Sidney, a skunk who has a little trouble fitting in. That's up until a rabbit hops in and accepts Sidney as a friend.

Lynch celebrated the release of her first book earlier Sunday afternoon with a book signing. She wrote and illustrated everything in "A Friend of Sidney."

Her book is also up for sale on Amazon.