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Celebrating girl power on International Women's Day

In a world full of strong women, it's the next generation that's always watching. Elementary school girls know they have girl power, and tell us what that means.

HEISKELL, Tenn. — All across the world, strong women are breaking barriers, inspiring change and serving as role models to girls working to follow in their footsteps.

That's happening at Fairview Elementary School in Anderson County, where strong women are leading and teaching their students how to become strong girls.

"Being a girl isn't just all cupcakes and rainbows, it's really hard to go through life being a woman," said 5th grader Maggie Sharp.

"Not all women start being strong," said 5th grader Eden Stout. "They have to have someone to have an impact on them."

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These girls are celebrating International Women's Day in honor of all the women in their lives.

"You get to celebrate all the people who have made women rise up above the rest," said 5th grader Bella Brummett.

"To celebrate what the girls have been able to do over the past years, from when we were not able to do anything to now when we can do anything that we want to do," said 4th grader Alice Ogan.

"Girls can stand out in front of everyone else, and we can do the things that boys can do," said 4th grader Gabby Slone.

Credit: WBIR
Five students at Fairview Elementary School in Heiskell, TN, tell us what 'girl power' means to them.

These girls also recognize the girl power they hold themselves

"I learned to always be confident in myself, and to always have my friends' backs," said Eden.

"Girls, as a group, we can go around and help other people," said Gabby.

"Girl power to me means that it's when girls can rise up above men's expectations," said Maggie.

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Boys, here's what they want you to know.

"Girls get to go out and do what they want to do and when they want to do it," said Bella.

"Like what would the world be like if you had just boys? If you had girls like we do right now, then it would make a lot more sense. And it wouldn't be as chaotic," said Gabby.

"We are blessed to live in this country and do what we want to do as a girl," said Alice. 

Happy International Women's day to all the strong women we love.