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To the class of 2020...

Amid these crazy times, you have successfully completed a major life accomplishment. This week, we salute this milestone.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. β€” Dear Class of 2020 – You made it. Tune in to WBIR at 6 and 11pm on Wednesday for a special shoutout and some of your classmates on TV.

Class of 2020, congratulations. Despite the crazy disruptions to your senior year - you did it. In the middle of these crazy times you successfully accomplished a major milestone. 

We're not the only ones proud of you. So are several of your favorite East Tennesseans!  While they cannot be with you in person, they have some messages and words of wisdom!. 

πŸš€  Astronaut Captain Barry Butch Wilmore πŸš€ 

"Hey! A special congratulations to all the graduates, the parents the teachers the guardians, the friends, and family of the graduates of the great state of Tennessee!" 

🎞️ Dale Dickey - Actor 🎞️

"You know, you'll have a lot of really great stories for your grandchildren one day. Please don't let these crazy times diminish what you have accomplished. Don't let it take away from the specialness from all the hard work you put in."

🌟 Capt. Bill Robinson - Longest Serving Enlisted POW in American History 🌟

"Class of 2020, you are ready for adulthood. You have faced some challenging times over the years. In the last few months, you have face disappointment not of your own making. Class of 2020 - you made it." 

🏈 Randall Cobb - Houston Texans Wide Receiver & Alcoa High School Grad 🏈

"I can't imagine what you're going through but I know this too shall pass. And when it does, I hope you commit yourself and you dedicate your life to whatever it is that you want to be in this next phase of life." 

πŸŽ“ Bill Haslam - Former Governor of Tennessee πŸŽ“

"We need you. We need you in this area we need you in this state...and I hope that what you see now is that it's kind of game on for the next step of life." 

πŸ’– Kelsea Ballerini - Country Singer πŸ’–

"I know today probably looks very different than you had anticipated, but I hope you just take a minute to just feel so proud of yourself. And to celebrate!"

πŸ˜‚ Henry Cho - Comedian πŸ˜‚

"No matter what you end up doing as a profession, just be nice. Just be a good person...congratulations ya'll!" 

πŸ“° Bill Williams - WBIR 10News Anchor Emeritis πŸ“°

🍊 Inky Johnson - VFL & Motivational Speaker 🍊 

"You guys have met a challenge this year, right? You're the first class that's graduating probably virtually. Use that situation, use that circumstance and let it propel you to a great future that you know is waiting on you. Stay focused, stay blessed, go out and change the world." 

🎸 Kristian Bush - Sugarland 🎸

"While this might not have been the graduation you signed up for, you're definitely gonna get the life you signed up for. Because now you know that you can overcome just about anything." 

πŸ”Ÿβ€οΈ Russell Biven - WBIR 10News Anchor πŸ”Ÿβ€οΈ

"Try to see this valley as a victory. You have sacrificed memories and moments for the greater good, giving up that time-honored tradition, slowed the spread of a virus, possibly even saved lives. You have a head start on what it's truly like to live for others, and that is really the only way to live."

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