ANDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. — An animal control officer in Anderson County went above and beyond to avoid a cat-astrophe in the middle of the interstate this week.

Officer Leah Vann stopped traffic on I-75 to rescue a kitten left on the median. 

Nearby trucks blew their horns to warn other drivers of the situation.

"So I just bent down and he was scared and just took off running," Anderson County Animal Care and Control Officer Leah Vann said. 

Vann took the little guy straight to the shelter to give him food and water.

The shelter is calling him "lucky racecar" and they're hoping he'll be adopted soon.

kitten rescue in anderosn county

Over the weekend, the Anderson County Animal Shelter posted to its Facebook page that he was adopted and has found his forever home. 

The family is calling him RC, short for racecar. 

Kitten rescue
Anderson County Animal Shelter

The sheriff's office posted to Facebook to give Vann a shoutout.

"Our Animal Control Officers are the “best of the best” and we want to take a moment to brag on Officer Leah Vann!

Dispatch called her this morning to report a wee tiny, gray kitten IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSTATE near the Clinton exit! When Officer Vann saw it, she immediately turned her truck sideways in the median to block traffic. A couple semi-truck drivers saw what was happening and started blowing their horns to warn people that they were stopping. Officer Vann quickly got out of her truck and got that little “hunkered down and so very scared” kitten to stay focused on her while she inched towards it. Then boom! She scruffed it, held it tight to her chest, and headed back into the truck safe and sound! There were great cheers and lots of “thumbs up” from passers-by.

This is not the first time Leah has come to the aid of an animal in a treacherous situation and we know it won’t be her last. God bless you, Officer Vann! We are so proud to have you on our team!"

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Kitten saved from interstate
Anderson County Animal Shelter