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'Jingle' the cat rescued from a tree after being stuck 100 feet in the air for around two weeks

The Tree Cowboys of Baumann Tree Service climbed 100 feet up into a tree to rescue "Jingle," otherwise known as Savage, on Wednesday.

POWELL, Tenn. — Over the weekend temperatures dipped below freezing, and a snowstorm swept through East Tennessee on Monday. Through it all, Jingle the cat was stuck around 100 feet up in the air.

The cat was stuck in a Powell poplar tree for around two weeks, according to the Tree Cowboys of Baumann Tree Service. They tried to rescue him three times, finally bringing him back down to the ground on Wednesday. They said the cold weather and the location of the cat prevented them from helping him faster.

Credit: Tree Cowboys of Baumann Tree Service

They also said that during the previous attempts, the cat would scurry away from rescuers. They called the cat "Jingle," but later learned that the cat was named "Savage," according to posts on social media.

"After two hours of patience and prayer, Matt was able to grab Jingle, put him in the bag, and repel down safely," they said on social media. "He is now home with his owners and they are preparing him for a vet visit. Thank you all so much for the love and support you have given us over our many cat rescue adventures."

The cat is now safe and sound at home. Baumann Tree Service said his owners are going to take him to the vet to get checked out. 

"We were approached by so many people on how they could give back to us since Matt takes his time and resources to help rescue these cats for free. The only thing we ever ask in return, is that if you hear of anyone who needs good quality tree work, you send them our way! Thank you all again, and we hope everyone had a great Christmas!" they said.

🚨🐈 CAT RESCUE UPDATE 🐈🚨 JINGLE (aka “Savage”) is home safe and sound! After 2 hours of patience and prayer…Matt was...

Posted by Tree Cowboys of Baumann Tree Service on Wednesday, December 28, 2022

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