KNOXVILLE, Tenn — Jamille, 7, is always working on his basketball game.

"If I shoot another basket I win," Jamille smiled.

Now he finally has an opponent.

"We shoot hoops in the street outside of his house. We've gone to the gym and gone to the YMCA," Hugh Ladd said. "He wants to play ball at Duke, but I'm trying to get him over to the Tennessee Vols."

"He's the best," Jamille said.

Jamille and Hugh were recently matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee.

More than 100 children are currently on the waiting list for mentors.

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Jamille signed up for the program after his older brother, Tahj, was matched with a big brother.

"When I wasn't there he would just be at the house watching TV, and he wanted to do it too.It's great because he doesn't bug me as much," Tahj laughed.

Hugh has his work cut out for him on the basketball court.

"We're done for today. I've got to go to work," Hugh smiled.

But Jamille is keeping him on his toes, and his new big brother doesn't seem to mind.

"You make time to do the things you want to do," Tahj said. "I would strongly recommend it to anybody who wants to do it."

Click here to become a volunteer.

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