This Valentine’s Day, snuggle up with something sweet—a story that proves love can be found anywhere. Jake and Ashton first met at a Pilot gas station in Knoxville and have been together ever since.

The couple met at Pilot store 105 when Ashton asked Jake for his phone number, and the rest is history. Every year since, the couple have stopped by the Pilot where they met to celebrate their dating anniversary.

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Due to their history at Pilot, Jake knew it would only make sense to propose to Ashton there as well. The couple is recently married, and they plan to make a stop at Pilot part of their wedding anniversary tradition.

Jake and Ashton's proposal at a Pilot
Moxley Carmichael

“It seemed fitting that I ask for her hand in marriage at the place she asked for my number,” said Jake. “We call it ‘our Pilot’ and always stop by on the anniversary of when we started dating. Now, we’ll stop by for the anniversary of our marriage.” 

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It seems like Jake and Ashton have proved that love can be found anywhere.