MARYVILLE, Tenn. — For six years, an East Tennessee restaurant has worked to help feed those who cannot afford a meal by serving up a special offering. 

Since 2013, Gracie's Restaurant on East Lincoln Road in Maryville has offered what it calls a 'Give Back Meal.' Anyone can order it -- but  the price changes depending on the patron.

The 'Give Back Meal' has a suggested price, but people can pay more, less, or nothing at all for it. 

For patrons paying it forward for others, the restaurant takes the extra money people are willing to pay to use it toward giving a free or discounted version of the meal to others in need.

Gracie's owner Ken Gentry said they provide between 3,000 to 4,000 meals each month to people.

"We need to do what we can to help our fellow brothers and our sisters who may be in need of some sort of food or nourishment, and what I do here is food," he said.

Gentry said he wishes he could do more to help, but is thankful for all the customers who have left extra money over the years to give back.