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'Hugging my kids tighter' | Mom finds Chick-fil-A worker who saved her daughter's life

Liliana Leahy is calling it a miracle that she stopped at her local Chick-fil-A on her way to the grocery store. She didn't know that stop would save her kid's life

NEWNAN, Ga. — One Chick-fil-A worker's heroic actions saved a young life in the middle of a Newnan drive-thru! A metro Atlanta mom's search is now over after she found the worker who jumped into action to save her daughter's life. 

Liliana Leahy put out a Facebook post on Monday calling for the public to help find Chick-fil-A staff worker, Mia, who saved her daughter at the Truett's location in Newnan. 

The mother called it a miracle that she stopped at her local Chick-fil-A on her way to the grocery store. Her daughter, Theia, started making a weird choking sound in the drive-thru.

The panicked mother quickly ran out of her seat to help her daughter. Tears filled her daughter's cheeks and she motioned to her mom that something was stuck in her throat. 

Her mother froze and screamed for help, that's when Mia came to the rescue. 

"I have learned before to help in this situation, but I froze and panic sets in, so I screamed for help," said Liliana in her post.

The mother said Mia dropped everything and ran to her daughter. She started performing the Heimlich maneuver on Theia. 

And there it was, a coin stuck in Theia's throat came flying out. Liliana could do nothing but hug her daughter at that moment.

"I can’t thank Mia enough for saving Theia. She was at the right place today and didn’t hesitate for even a second," the mother said in the post.

She added that God made a miracle happen when they stopped to get lunch. She said it would have taken longer for her to call for help.

"It was like less than a couple of minutes but felt like forever," the mother said.

The workers gave Theia ice cream after she asked for some. Liliana called Mia to thank her again for her heroic actions.

Credit: Liliana Leahy


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