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Perfect 10: Carol Chilton and her art

Carol Chilton makes people smile just by sending them some of her drawings.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Everyone has a special gift that's unique to them, and everyone can bring a smile to another person's face. It's just a matter of using that gift well and sharing it with others.

It's always inspiring to get the chance to see someone use their talent to bring goodness into other people's lives. We're all capable of doing it — everyone just takes different approaches, like Carol Chilton.

She's a WBIR viewer who uses her gift of art to make other people feel good. She makes drawings and simply sends them to people, with no expectation for anything back. Her work has even gone on display in her hometown of Greenville.

Some people may simply not have discovered their gift yet, and that's alright. It takes time and experience to learn how to make other people smile. It's never easy.

But Carol Chilton manages to do it, time and time again. And for that, she deserves today's Perfect 10.

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