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Perfect 10: Officer Scott, West High School SRO

Officer Scott works to make sure students and teachers are safe. Most of all, she wants them to know someone is on their side.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — School resource officers play a crucial role in every school. They keep everyone safe and they foster close relationships with the students and teachers, letting everyone know they have someone on their side.

It's not an easy job, either. They need to be well-trained, especially after cases around the country where resource officers stopped incidents. They also need to be compassionate and kind to students.

Officer Scott at West High School goes beyond those standards.

Whenever she is in school or at school events, she is vigilant and works to keep students safe. But that's not all she does when she's at work.

Credit: Russell Biven

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Scott also works to make sure she knows the pulse of her students. She stays updated on their lives and wants them to know that they can trust her. 

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That doesn't mean Officer Scott can't be tough when she needs to be, though. Congratulations on being our Perfect 10!

Credit: Russell Biven