The Salvation Army Tennessee-Kentucky Division's new doughnut food truck set up in Loudon community Thursday to provide some support following a devastating fire at the historic Loudon County Courthouse.

Historic Loudon County courthouse deemed a 'significant if not total loss' after devastating fire

The Salvation Army's 'Doing the Most Good' Donut Truck handed out free doughnuts from 2-8 p.m. Thursday to firefighters, other first responders and anyone in the Loudon community. 

The sweet support was provided thanks to support from an anonymous person.

Typically, the food truck sells doughnuts for $1, with all proceeds benefiting the Salvation Army of Knoxville. 

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The community can support the food truck and the Salvation Army by visiting the truck and making a purchase, or by volunteering to run and manage the truck for a community event, or by hosting it at their own office.