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Stop what you're doing because this pregnant foster dog just had the cutest maternity photo shoot

"Every mother deserves a maternity photo shoot."

"Every mother deserves a maternity photo shoot."

Sarah Freeman decided to take some cute photos of her foster dog in Charlotte, NC, and boy are we glad she did.

Freeman said the pup, Ima, is settling into her foster home like a champ. While the pup is close to giving birth, she said she's not in labor yet.

"She isn't nesting and doesn't have any contractions. I'm still keeping an eye on her but I think it's going to be a few more days! Happy thoughts," Freeman wrote.

Freeman said after Ima has her puppies, she's going to need a lot of extra care. To donate to Ima you can visit Charlottespca.org/donate and put her name in the comments.

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