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That cute rescue squirrel has been spray-painted onto 'The Rock' and is now total VFL

This brought a tear to my eye.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — More than a year ago, Sinan the Squirrel was lost, scared and abandoned in the wilderness. 

Now his floofy likeness has been painted onto 'The Rock' on UT's campus. 

The image of Sinan, a Vol-loving squirrel who was rescued by Saed Awad of Oak Ridge about a year ago, gazing at his image on UT's iconic rock made me a little sniffly.

Look at it again and tell me you don't get chills. This is a guy who knows he's made it. Unsurprisingly, the photo racked up 1,298 likes on Instagram. 

In the weeks since Fan Day was cancelled and gutted his photo shoot dreams, Sinan (ever the optimist) has maintained a packed schedule.

He stood up to bullies by wearing the handmade UT shirt, tailor made for his teensy  rodent body. 

He showed strength and climbed on a lil pumpkin.

He skurted around the city. 

He made friends with another famous icon, Smokey. 

He sold some pins with his own little face on it. We love a marketing legend. 

God bless, Sinan. Keep slaying little bun. 

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