POWELL, Tenn. — In April, 17-year-old Camden Baker decided to pop the question to not one, but three of his classmates with special needs at Powell High School.

He surprised them in their classroom with a cake and got down on one knee. Luckily, all three of them said yes!

Saturday night was the big dance. But, when it comes to prom, the girls had to make sure to get the right hair and makeup.

ORIGINAL STORY | Powell HS student gives the perfect promposal for trio of students with special needs

“Daisy, Sloan, and Kenzie just mean so much to me and they have influenced me and brought me to be such a better person and to live my life giving back,” said Camden.

Camden said prayer is what led him to ask all three of his friends to be his dates.

“Who would I take more than the other? I couldn't see myself taking one without the others,” he said. “Asking all three of them is the first thing that came to mind.”

“I was so moved by Camden’s generosity and what he wanted to do,” said New York-based hair stylist Gregory Patterson.

Ebony Steele, one of the hosts from Daily Blast LIVE, was also able to help the three young girls have the best night of their life as well.

“It was pretty magical having our little consultations with them and finding out what makes them feel beautiful,” said Patterson, who flew in to volunteer for the makeover. “You know, such an honor that I can even be with them today and be a part of this moment.”

Patterson was able to help create a unique look for each girl.

“Miss Daisy requested a Beyonce-esque ponytail because she would be whipping it around on the dance floor tonight. Miss Kenzie we went a little bit more, like, old Hollywood glam,” said Patterson. “Miss Sloan, she loves to wear her little beach curls, so we wanted to give her something that will allow her to dance and have a great night as well.”

It isn't rewarding only for the three girls, but also those who created the beautiful looks to make the night perfect.

“I love making people feel beautiful and this is a special night for them,” said makeup artist Lindsey Hitch, a graduate of Karns High School. “I just want them to feel their best, look their best and just have a great time because I know it makes them so happy. And seeing them happy makes me really, really happy.”

All agreed it was Camden’s big heart that made a memorable evening for his friends.

“We could use thousands more like Camden,” said Patterson.