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Party animals play in the snow at Zoo Knoxville and Little Ponderosa

Zoo Knoxville announced they would be closed on Tuesday after snow fell in Knoxville Monday night.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — On Monday night, snow fell across East Tennessee and blanketed the area in white. The weather led to hazardous road conditions reported in the area, and several organizations said they would close or delay opening on Tuesday. Among them was Zoo Knoxville.

Without visitors around and with snow falling into their enclosures — the animals played.

The zoo posted a video of their animals playing around in the snow. Otters crawled out of the water and rocks blanketed in the snow, while bears played around and covered their black fur with flakes. Meanwhile, a guinea hog sniffed around a snowman built inside of its enclosure.

Lions jumped around in the snow while the zoo's rhinoceros calmly watched the snow fall around him. After playtime was finished, they were able to return inside and get warm.

The video released by Zoo Knoxville is available below.

Meanwhile, animals at The Little Ponderosa Zoo also entertained themselves in the snow. They left pawprints of many kinds on the ground as they investigated what the cold snowflakes were. Camels at Little Ponderosa trotted around their enclosure together, enjoying snacks of hay.

Meanwhile, the zoo's visitor area was empty and covered in snow — workers in the area leaving footprints as they went to care for the animals.

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