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Experts advise you get your holiday shopping done before Halloween. Here's why

Experts also warn you could see higher prices and fewer deals this holiday season.

We are still sweltering through the summer heat, so why are experts already warning that Christmas will look different this year?

It turns out the Delta variant is not only taking a toll on patients, but it is also causing more trouble for the global supply chain. The supply chain has struggled since the start of the pandemic and now the problems are piling up — literally. 

Almost every major part is seeing a log-jam of boats waiting to offload goods. The variant shut down a terminal at one of China’s biggest ports for two weeks, adding to the strain.

Some of America's biggest retailers are trying to adapt. 

The Washington Post reports Walmart and Home Depot are chartering their own ships to get the products they need. Meanwhile, Amazon is turning to planes, beefing up its fleet of cargo aircraft. 

Even once the goods get here it’s tough to get them to consumers. Places like UPS and FedEx are struggling to hire the seasonal workers needed to get boxes to your door.

All this adds up. With companies dealing with increased shipping costs and limited supplies, experts warn you will see higher prices and fewer deals this holiday shopping season. 

Analysts also report some retailers may start adding COVID delivery surcharges for large items like furniture that cost more to ship. So the advice now is to plan ahead and shop early.

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