The "Uber for Lawn Care" is up and running in the Knoxville area.

It's called GreenPal.

You download the app, enter your address and the day you want your lawn worked on and prescreened vendors will then bid on the property.

You choose a business to come by and take care of your lawn.

Co-founder Gene Caballero is the GreenPal co-founder. He said it's much more convenient for homeowners.

"You call ten landscaping professionals in June, you're probably going to get ten voicemails, so this way the vendor doesn't have to come across town to see the property to bid it, you don't have to meet them, it's all seamlessly done through our app," Caballero said. 

All vendors go through an application process.

GreenPal started in 2012 in Nashville and is now present in 38 states.

Caballero said their busiest month is October.

You can learn more about GreenPal HERE