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With this week's blast of frigid weather, it might be a good idea to bring in what you've just freshly planted

Experts said that gardeners should prepare the soil so that they will have healthier plants and recommended planting pansies, violas and primrose.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — UPDATE WEDNESDAY: Wednesday's blast of frigid weather comes at a bad time for some plants -- just as they're getting comfortable with spring temps.

If you have a garden, experts say veggies like lettuce will likely be OK, but more delicate produce like tomatoes or green peppers need to be protected.

Neal Denton tells 10News the best thing to do is dig them up, put them in a pot and move them inside during this patch of cold weather.

"If you've just put them out, the simplest thing to do is go pull them out of the ground, put them in some pots, bring them inside for a few days and let this warmer weather come along," Denton said.

Temperatures into early Thursday are expected to dip to near freezing. It'll be partly cloudy Thursday and sunny Friday but overnight lows should be in the upper 20s.

Highs will be in the 60s starting Saturday with lows in the mid 30s to lower 40s.

PREVIOUS STORY: East Tennessee has seen a few spring-like days, as people shed their winter coats and spend more time outside to soak in the sun. Some people have been wondering if the nice weather means they can start planting in their garden.

Stanley's Greenhouse in South Knoxville said that gardeners should focus on resilient plants like pansies, violas and primrose. Even though they can withstand weather changes, they also recommended gardeners cover up their plants if a freeze sets in.

"We have had some milt temperatures lately, and after what we've gone through with COVID-19 and everything, people are really anxious to get outdoors," said Monte Stanley, the co-owner of Stanley's Greenhouse. "Watch for the weather. The nights, we're still getting some cool nights, so you'll need to be protective."

He also said people can start planting vegetables like kale, cabbage and broccoli since they are tolerant of cold weather.