Why do a "downward-facing dog" pose when you can perform a "down kitten?"

Breezeway Yoga Studios and Young-Williams Animal Center teamed up to create the purr-fect fusion of yoga and kittens.

The yoga studio held a kitten yoga session Sunday afternoon as tons of the adorable creatures wandered around while the class moved through poses.

The class even came up with its own kitty-inspired pose called the "down kitten."

The goal was to put a little extra fun and relaxation into the class while raising awareness to the upcoming seasonal kitten population boom that occurs when the weather begins to heat up.

Young-Williams' developer coordinator Sophie Nguyen said they receive the largest numbers of unwanted litters in the spring, making it tougher to find forever-homes for each kitten.  

"The cats will be coming in droves, so that's why spaying and neutering your pet is very important on top of adoptions," Nguyen said.

All of the kittens at Sunday's yoga session were available for adoption. Proceeds raised from the class went to help the shelter's rescue efforts.