Tadeyo, 7, is always on the move.

His favorite sport is soccer, and he loves to play during his free time.

Tadeyo is one of more than 100 children on the waiting list for a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee.

He wants someone to play with during recess at school and meet him for lunch.

His favorite foods to eat are mashed potatoes and pizza.

"I pick it every time," he said.

Tadeyo never gives up even when things gets tough.

He is competitive.

Even a big brother could not get a ball past this player.

"Would you let him? Nope. I'm gonna pack it," he smiled.

So, if you like to play soccer and have mashed potatoes and pizza for lunch. maybe you and Tadeyo can live a little.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee offers site-based mentoring programs at nearly 40 public schools in East Tennessee.

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