KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — It's almost Valentine's Day, and we're getting ready to celebrate by sharing some of the best AND worst date stories of East Tennessee! 

Whether love inspires you or makes you want to gag, we've got a little something for everyone with these. 

Let's start off with our own team's adorable stories. 

10News Anchor John Becker got in a car with what someone people might describe as a little wild... but he hasn't looked back since. 

And 10News Anchor Daniel Sechtin had a sweet story to share, but also a pretty embarrassing, face-palm worthy moment, too. 

We got some pretty good stories from viewers, too! Here are some of the worst dates we heard about: 

1. Video games in the parking lot...

2. A novel tale that just wouldn't end. 

3. And a big yuck that ended with a big aaw. 

Looking for some stories of everlasting love? Well, we heard a lot of those too that will just melt your heart! 

1. A story straight from a country love song. 

2. A son who knows how to treat his mama. 

3. From a first date with The Notebook to a lifetime of love.

4. While you may judge a book by it's cover in the game of love, Roxanne definitely advises against it. 

But when it comes to lessons in love, you've got to remember that sometimes, the way straight to someone's heart is as simple as nugs.