MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — The devastation Hurricane Dorian left behind is heart breaking. Many communities lost everything, including loved ones.

Middle Tennessee State University has started a fundraiser to help those who lost everything; its president, Dr. Sidney McPhee, is from the Bahamas.

McPhee lost his grand niece in the storm.

“My niece was swept away by the flood. She was in her home up in the attic and the water came up to that level. A friend who was with her went back to get someone else and when he came back she was gone,” McPhee said.

McPhee told the NBC affiliate in Nashville several family members impacted lost everything they had including their homes and livelihoods.

McPhee said there are 51 MTSU students from the Bahamas.

Yesterday they started the Raider Relief fund to send aid to those in desperate need.