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Today Show production crew wears blonde wigs during Dolly Parton interview

Dolly Parton spoke on the Today Show about her career, her past and her upcoming Netflix show, Heartstrings.

NEW YORK — The Today Show production crew sported blonde wigs when Dolly Parton visited Studio 1A

She spoke with hosts Hota Kotb and Savannah Guthrie about her career, growing up on TV and her upcoming Netflix series, Heartstrings. At one point during the interview, Parton discussed how she always hears a rhythm, even in a silent room.

She then demonstrated how she can make a rhythm using her nails, tapping them together to the beat of "9 to 5."

After that, Kotb asked how Parton felt leaving home and heading to Nashville to pursue a music career. Parton said that she was lucky for being put on as a writer on TV shows to start out her career.

"I had to fight for it, and I still do fight for it, but I just felt like it was my destiny," Parton said during the interview.

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Later in the interview, the camera cut away to show Dolly Parton meeting people in the control room, almost all dressed in a wig with Parton's iconic hairstyle. There she met a fan in the control crew.

Credit: NBC

Watch a staffer who’s a huge Dolly fan share an emotional moment with the country music icon.

The TODAY control room is all decked out in blonde wigs for a special occasion: Dolly Parton is visiting them live! Watch a staffer who's a huge Dolly fan share an emotional moment with the country music icon.

Then, she walked through the room and hugged each person. 

Her new show, Heartstrings, will run on Netflix. It features ten vignettes based on Dolly Parton's songs. It premieres on Nov. 22.

"I've always thought my songs told stories," Parton said during the interview. "Ever since I was young, I thought I would love to see my songs on the screen as movies."

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