It's been a long time coming, but a local shelter dog has finally found his forever home.

Geronimo made headlines earlier this year when he finally got adopted after more than three years at the Humane Society of Summit County, only to be returned shortly thereafter by his adopters as it was "not a perfect match." Volunteers had said he would fit best in an adult-only home where he was the only pet.

It was about a week after the "minor bump in the road" that shelter volunteers Gayle and Ray decided to take Geronimo in as a foster, even though they already had two dogs of their own at home. They felt it would be a good way for them to work closely with Geronimo and help him adjust to a future home life.

However, nearly two months later, the humane society posted a wonderful update on Friday: "As their bond grew stronger, they all realized though that Geronimo was already where he was meant to be. He would no longer need to wait for his forever home. He was already there."

Gayle and Ray officially adopted Geronimo this week, and he is living quite comfortably with his new brothers Oreo and Henry (both of whom were also adopted from the same shelter). They've already shared several photos of Geronimo "living the life he deserves."

Congrats, Geronimo! If you're still looking to adopt, you can get more info on