WALLAND, Tenn. — Dogs are a man's best friend and their impact on seniors is life changing.

Research reveals interacting with pets can make seniors happier and less lonely.

During every second of every day, there's some sort of movement inside the DuBois' home. 

Bella Mae, Penny, Mini, Spikey and a few fish keep it that way, but the four sets of paws play a bigger role in their owner's life than most.  

"We've always had pets and they're just great company," said Sue DuBois. Her husband Karl has always had a little wet nose by his side.

"I've always enjoyed having dogs," said Karl. 

Their companionship means everything to him.

"With his condition it's stimulus for him," said Sue. 

Karl is in the later stages of dementia. 

"I think it would make him very sad if they weren't here," said his caregiver Carolyn Cuthbertson.

While life's just not the same as it used to be, the dogs and cat help him overcome the changes everyday. 

"They make him happy. I think it keeps him going," said Cuthbertson.

"It definitely cheers him up," said Sue. 

Dogs are man's best friend. Karl agrees.

"Oh yes, they're really worth it," he said.

When things are uncertain, they're there for him, even if life gets in the way.

"He gets their names mixed up but it doesn't matter," said Sue. 

"They've made me make some changes in my life to make them happier in theirs," said Karl. 

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