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'It's very frustrating' | Knoxville influencer talks about the struggle with size

Maria Antoinette, an influencer in West Knoxville, provided tips for shoppers to find the right fit when shopping online.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — This week on 10News Today, we're talking about the struggle with size, because finding clothes that fit can be hard. We know it's frustrating! Chase Biefeldt talked to a local influencer who has some tips to make shopping easier.

In one store, you may find you're a size small in a top but in another, your size can be completely different. It's something we all deal with when trying to buy clothes.

"It's very frustrating," influencer, Maria Antoinette said. I mean, it's a waste of time, my money."

Antoinette is an influencer in Knoxville. She said she has to buy and return clothes all the time.

"I made an error, I ordered a medium in a swimsuit and when I got it, it was so large, like I thought that that would be the right fit for me," Antoinette said.

It's an obstacle for everyone, but there are ways to make shopping easier.

"If you have the resources to be able to buy in two sizes, I always recommend, especially if they have a good return policy because you just return the one that doesn't fit and you keep the one that does fit," Maria said.

If you can't do that, consider buying cheap and finding a local tailor.

"Having somebody that can alter your clothes is unmatched", Maria said. It's almost like getting custom-made clothing for a fraction of the cost."

If you don't even know where to start, consider messaging someone on social media who has a similar body type, like Maria.

"We're here to help you," Maria said. And we're here to expand what it is that you already have experienced in life, but take it to a different level or just open your mind about new possibilities."

When trying to find the right fit, vanity sizing can be a bummer but remember this:

"You're not alone when it comes to clothes, not fitting," Maria said. Just don't take it personal. and just enjoy the process because once you start to learn what works for you, there is no stopping you."

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