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Knoxville therapist explains the psychological effect of not fitting into a certain size

The struggle with size can be downright frustrating for any shopper, and for some, it goes even further than what we see in the mirror.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Shopping for a good fit in clothes can be a challenge, and as a Knoxville therapist explained, the inconsistency in sizing across brands makes it even harder.

"Say we walk into one store and we're purchasing a small, and then we walk into another store and in that store, we're buying a large," Dr. Nina DiTommaso said. "That can really impact our view of ourselves and impact our self-esteem."

Dr. DiTommaso said not fitting into a certain size can also lead to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and even relationship issues.

"It can cause arguments with our significant other or with family members, and we can also have suicidal ideation if we let that impact us so much, especially if we've had a history of bullying, or anything like that in regard to our weight," she added.

Dr. DiTommaso encouraged everyone to take a step back and realize you're more than a clothing size.

"There's a certain way that people think women and men should look, so people put that pressure on themselves to kind of fit into that mold," Dr. DiTommaso said. "You can't let that physical piece be what defines you."

Anyone having issues with self-image is encouraged to talk about it with a loved one or a professional.

"Just being willing to ask for help and say 'I can't do this by myself and 'I need to engage with this mental health professional so that I can begin this self-exploration because I want to live a happier life," she said.

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