Motherhood is hard all by itself, and being a mom with a demanding work schedule and a lot of public pressure presents new challenges.

One busy mom you might recognize is dealing with some of these struggles by sharing them with the world online and it's getting a lot of attention.

You probably remember Kris Budden as a former WBIR 10Sports anchor passionate about fair coverage and getting the story right.

Not much has changed for Kris career-wise. She is still covering sports, but now she's a sideline reporter for ESPN.

A lot, though, has changed in Kris' personal life.

She is now a mom to a toddler boy, Jace.

And she started a blog to share those funny stories about raising an active one year old.

"What I wanted to do was to give myself an outlet to write and I didn't even know what my focus would be, but I knew it had something to do with sports and something to do with moms," Budden said.

It's called Touchdowns and Tantrums and one post in particular has gotten a lot of attention.

"The blog post that I wrote was about my struggle to publicly say I was pregnant when I was on TV. There is a stigma or stereotype that you have to be young and skinny and beautiful and I felt anything but that when I was pregnant," Budden said.

She found that sentiment is felt by women everywhere in many different careers.

"You start thinking about what am I going to do when my time is up. It's a scary thought because this is all I've ever done. And the fact that there is a shelf life shouldn't even be a conversation. If I'm really good at my job, I should be able to do it until I'm 60 years old," Budden said.

The blog was shared on social media and it was picked up by the New York Post and Us Weekly.

Kris was nervous to share her story but in the end said she felt liberated by all the support from her employers.

"No, it hasn't affected my career at all. In fact, that's why I wrote the post to show how naive I was to it. I went on a job interview with the Tennis Channel when I was 32 weeks pregnant and obviously could not hide that in person and I was hired on the spot. I was interviewing with ESPN when I was pregnant and they hired me six weeks after I had my baby," Budden said.

Kris' blog is Most of her posts are funny and lighthearted, but Kris also hits on other important issues that she's faced in motherhood, such as her struggle with postpartum depression.