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'We always look for the dogs' | East TN woman, and her bulldogs, cheer on the Vols as they face Georgia

In the "Dawg-eat-dog" world of SEC football, sometimes the action isn't limited to the field. Many fans root for the mascots, too.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Ranee Randy proudly wears her 1998 Championship shirt, which recalls the excitement of a year when the Vols were at the top of their football game.

"That year was pretty familiar," she said. "This is 1998 all over again."

Her clothes tell others she's a fan of the Tennessee Volunteers, but her dogs? Well, that's another story. She's a long-time fan of English Bulldogs, which happen to be the mascot for the University of Georgia.

"Bulldogs are little dogs that have a very, very comical personality,"  Randy said. "They're little clowns, they really are. They are the most unbelievably adorable puppies you will ever see. They grow up to be these friendly little companions. They're small and dense."

For years, her beloved "bullies" have been sporting UT orange while out for walks in the area, which gets her plenty of looks and lots of smiles.

"It doesn't matter if they're wearing Tennessee gear or not, people will make remarks about, 'Oh, are you a Georgia fan?' I always say, 'We are Tennessee fans and these are Tennessee Bulldogs because they were raised in Tennessee,'" Ranee said. "I always correct them because everybody wants to ask.".

This past season has given Ranee and her bulldogs some extra pep in their step during their walks. They're looking forward to cheering on Tennessee and Smokey as they take on UGA and those Georgia Bulldogs.

"I love dogs and every time we watch a Georgia game, whether it's in person or on TV — we always look for the dogs,"  Ranee said. " But you know, I'm just thrilled with the season we're having and Smokey is my guy right now."

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