KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Pedal for Alzheimer's awarded two community grants Sunday morning as they sent off cyclists on their 12-day bike ride to Daytona Beach which is over 1,000 miles long.

Their goal is to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's on the go and at home. 

Two local community initiatives were awarded with $3,200 each to help with at home Alzheimer's care. 

The Senior Citizens Home Assistance Service and the Senior Companion program are now able to provide additional funds to train volunteers, assist with chores and have light meals for home bound individuals. 

"So right now, 45 percent of the clients that we serve in the community have an Alzheimer's diagnosis, said Deisha Finley, CAC Senior Cops Manager. "In a given year, we typically serve over 300 isolated home bound individuals."

Pedal for Alzheimer's works to provide resource and information to families who are caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's.

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