From T-shirts to Coca-Cola, brands we all know are transformed with expertise just down the street. 

It's a program called Business Analytics at the University of Tennessee's Haslam College of Business. Think of it like the movie Moneyball -- just for business, not baseball. 

"Business analytics takes in a lot of data and turns that data into information that can be useful," student Beth Milhollin explained. 

So how does that relate to Coke? 

Rod Bates, the company's Vice President for Decision Science and Datat Strategy, said UT's program is at the cutting edge for this technology. 

"The skills students are learning in this program are invaluable for us," he said.  

This past year students used company data to find how to make customers change from buying the cheap stuff to more expensive beverage products. 

"The base product would be like Dasani, and the premium product would be Smartwater," Milhollin said. 

Combing through the data helped them understand trends and how to convince consumers to upgrade. 

"It's awareness, it's advertising, but it's also placement," Bates said. 

For example, some parts of the country respond better to billboards, while TV ads resonate better with others. 

"So that helps us maximize those investments in those advertising channels to reach those consumers where they are," Bates said. 

And it's not just Coke. 

Hanes Brands, the clothing company of underwear and undershirt renown, uses the UT program too. 

"It allows us to get a better understanding across thousands and thousands of reviews without having a human read it," Ben Martin, the company's Chief Analytics Officer, said of a recent project. "We were receiving some feedback from our customers on social media that we had a particular issue that we needed to address."

Fixing that helps the company succeed and makes them lots of green because of help from Big Orange.