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'It's gonna be a crazy fall' | Event vendors, venues gear up for busiest fall season

They're preparing to tackle rescheduled events on top of their normal end of the year calendar.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Event vendors and venues are ramping up for a busy fall. They're preparing to tackle rescheduled events on top of their normal end of the year calendar.

With so much still uncertain, they said it's better to be prepared than not at all. 

A shifted wedding and event season due to COVID-19 means a lot of sleepless nights for Nancy Barger and her team at the Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm gearing up for one of the biggest seasons ever.

"I literally told my staff to sleep now," she said. 

"We start back up in July and then are slammed August through basically December."

She said rescheduling has been a juggling game. 

"Moving one to August that does care about football or postponing one to October that doesn't. Moving one to a Thursday night that was on a Saturday."

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While it'll be a hectic schedule, she said it's manageable.

"We flooded last year and I think we learned a whole lot when our venue was down under construction."

Terry Turner with All Occasions Party Rentals said their schedule is always at max capacity in September and October. 

"It's gonna be a crazy fall no question."

Specifically, they fill up with Tennessee tailgates. 

"If all the fundraising happens and all the UT football and typical events and festivals and Greek fest, whatever happens in the fall. If that happens we need to be able to schedule and get things planned," Turner said.

His team is moving forward optimistically, prepared for whatever happens.

"We're taking reservations and better to plan for it to be ready to go."

Both say patience and flexibility has been key for rescheduling and are ready for the challenge.

"All heck is  gonna break loose in a couple months and we're ready for it we're ready to get back to work," said Barger. 

If you are planning an event, both recommend booking now instead of waiting. 

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