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Local restaurant sees increase in business as Vols advance to Sweet 16

The Vols buzz is spreading into local businesses and Loco Burro is one business that gets creative when serving large crowds.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — As the Vols advance to the Sweet 16, fans are getting hyped. Roberto Hernandez, Loco Burro's corporate chef, said his restaurant buzz is creating a hearty appetite. 

Loco Burro receives a lot of business, but when it's game time, the chef said they get even busier. 

"We've definitely seen an influx of business," Hernandez said. "Being a Mexican restaurant with a lot of TVs. we're definitely a great place to come watch the game."

Loco Burro can get slammed -- with bigger crowds come big challenges. Hernandez said there's a lot of preparation that goes in before the guests arrive. 

Both the front and back of the house make sure they have everything they need to welcome guests. Usually, when it gets busier they may need to prepare a bit extra than usual.

"You know, it's like every other restaurant has controlled chaos," Hernandez said. "Every time there's a game, I always made sure that we're fully staffed both in the front of the house and the back of the house." 

The weekends tend to be more popular for bigger parties, from 16 to 20 people. When the Vols play, this trend changes and larger parties get booked during weeknights.

Back in November, when football was boosting the crowds, Loco Burro created a brunch menu. The goal was to welcome as many guests as possible and still give great service. So, they turned to a bottomless mimosa buffet brunch menu.

"It is easier to get more people in and fed than just doing straight a regular service," Hernandez said.

As we go into Spring, Hernandez hopes for two things.

"I hope the Volls win 'Go Vols' number one and number two I just hope the business continues to stay like this and increase," he said.

He may be running a very busy kitchen, but his mind is always on the orange team.

"Because we bleed orange here in Tennessee. And [that's] all we care about here... go Vols!" Hernandez said. 

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