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There are so many photo editing apps on the market today. But if you ask any professional, they’ll always suggest the most powerful, gold-standard photo editing software: Adobe Photoshop. Since your smartphones and other portable devices have made you a better photographer, why not take things a step further, and take the pro’s advice, and become a better editor as well? Just grab the Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle and go from Photoshop zero to professional hero. It’s basically that easy.

This bundle provides comprehensive lessons on everything from image styling to cinematic color grading. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry. You’ll know soon enough. Through 8 courses and 20 hours of content, here’s what the courses cover.

Photoshop Light Effects and Image Styling

Work with the lens flare filter, light leaks, adjustment layers, blend modes, and more to add style to your photos in this 1.5-hour long course.

Self-Publishing Techniques and Photo Book Creation

There’s no better way to present your portfolio than with a beautifully-designed photo book. This 2.5-hour course will walk you through the process of designing and publishing your book with Blurb.

Fine Art Compositing

This 1.5-hour course focuses on creating from scratch a composite artwork inspired by the 19th-century portrait paintings. You’ll work with Photoshop’s most powerful tools like curves, blend modes, and masks.

Manage, Organize, & Edit Effectively

Adobe Lightroom CC seems intimidating, but this course makes it approachable and effortless. You’ll go over how you can effectively organize your photos using Lightroom and how to backup your work.

Cinematic Color Grading

Here’s where you’ll learn how to add some style to your images. You’ll work with three different portraits, using three different methods: color lookup tool, color balance adjustment layer, and curves.

Emotion and Toning Techniques

This brief course in toning techniques will help you create effortlessly stunning digital black and white imagery you can sell for profit.

Basic Photoshop Tools

This 4-hour class will walk you step by step through all the basic Photoshop tools used for digital artwork. The hands-on tutorial will help you along the way.

Portrait Photography

In this 5-hour course you’ll learn how to enhance your portraits through techniques like blending, highlighting, sharpening, and more. Most of all, you’ll walk away with powerful portrait skills you can use to make a profit.

This course bundle is exactly what you need to master the digital darkroom. Grab it now for just $29 from — 97% off of the original price of $1,210.

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