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Still shopping for mom? Sure, you can still order flowers or buy her a nice necklace at a jewelry store. DEALBOSS has a list of 24 gift ideas here, and if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can get two-day shipping on lots of great presents.

But at least one restaurant chain wants you to once again consider a gift that's less traditional.

"This year, the best thing you can do for Mom is take her out for a complimentary meal at Hooters," the Hooters website states.

Best known for buxom waitresses in skimpy outfits, Hooters is encouraging moms and families to visit their locations on Mother's Day for the ninth straight year. This year, moms can get a free entree with the purchase of any drink. Options include traditional, smoked and boneless chicken wings, a Buffalo chicken salad or sandwich, and a burger.

"Hooters Mother’s Day menu is a tradition unlike any other," the Hooters website states. "Since 2011 Hooters has served over 300,000 meals to deserving moms around the country.

"Free menu item options may vary by location with select locations offering a buy one get one for moms in lieu of the free entrée offer," it adds.

The offer is only available on Sunday for dine-in meals. You can click here to find a Hooters location.

It's not the first time Hooters has made headlines with an unusual promotion. On Valentine's Day, the restaurant offered free chicken wings to customers who shredded photos of their ex-lovers.


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