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BUY IT NOW: $50 off the best wireless Airpod alternative with free shipping

I've been working for weeks to find more stock for these earphones, which were so popular on Black Friday that they sold out twice. If you missed the opportunity to buy them then, today is your lucky day.

The Sound & Sonic true wireless earphones are on sale for under $50. They can improve your call quality and elevate your music, and they have identical performance and appearance to AirPods at one-third of the cost.

Complete with noise cancellation and weighing in at only 0.14 ounces, this is my favorite audio deal of the season. The charging case also is identical to that of the Apple AirPods and about the size of a pack of dental floss. It will charge your truly wireless Bluetooth headphones when you're on the go, no outlet required!

Are they AirPods? No. But I've found the audio quality of many of the "Air Tap" and other AirPod competitors to be sub-par. The Sound & Sonic true wireless earphones topped my reviews.

Click the play button to see my new test video showcasing these headphones.

Features of the Sound & Sonic SS-WBHC-WT Wireless Earbuds:

• Works with both Apple and Android devices (and all versions of the iPhone)
• Improved noise cancellation
• Elevates call quality and music streaming
• Makes movies, music and calls sound more realistic
• Weighted perfectly for use at the gym, hiking, biking and running
• Takes only 90 minutes to fully charge
• Charge carrying case can charge the headphones five times without needing an outlet
• Ultra-light design at 0.14 ounces

BUY IT NOW: $50 off the best wireless Airpod alternative with free shipping
Was: $99.99
Now: $49.99


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