BUY IT HERE: 56% Off Metallic Spring 3-Ft. MFi-Certified Lightning Cable

Everyone knows those lightning cables that come with your iPhone don’t last. They’ll inevitably break after just a few months. The Metallic Spring 3-Ft. MFi-Certified Lightning Cable, on the other hand, will actually stand the test of time.

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Unlike Apple’s cables that tear and fray, the Metallic Spring able features a spring metal shell that protects it from breakage and keeps it from getting tangled. It comes in metallic pink, silver, and gold, so you can add a little style to your charging game. And it’s MFi-certified, so you know your devices will be safe.

Get the Metallic Spring 3-Ft. MFi-Certified Lightning Cable for just $12.99 at and you’ll never need to buy another charger again — 56% off the usual price of $29.99.

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