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The Big Quit

Is it time to rethink how Americans work?

Heather Waliga, Madalyn Torres

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Published: 9:51 AM EST November 9, 2021
Updated: 10:24 AM EST November 9, 2021

Almost every aspect of what Americans considered "normal" was warped by the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the pandemic began and much was unknown, workers across America who weren't considered "essential"  were sent home to work. People barely had time to pack up their belongings before workdays were filled with Zoom meetings. 

Lockdowns quickly ensued and Americans were stuck at home. This gave them something they might've lacked with a busy work schedule — time. 

As the world slowly began opening back up, a significant trend emerged. 

Americans were quitting their jobs. 

The Big Quit series takes a look at this unprecedented mass resignation event and asks: How many people are leaving their jobs? Why are people parting ways with their company? Are Americans re-thinking what "work" means? 

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